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    The biodiversity in Europe    

Biodiversity in Galicia (below), version en Spanish:                      Biodiversity in Liége (Belgium) (clic here)

The abbreviation about the category of risk is accoding the Internation Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). EX: extincted; EW: extincted in wild state; CR: in critic risk; EN: endangered; VU: vulnerable; NT: not threatened; LC: the less threatened; DD: deficient data; NE: not evaluated.

The abbreviations E07GA and V07GA appoints species "in risk of extinction" and "vulnerable" according the law in Galicia (España). Also we have considered the book "A natureza ameazada" (Consello da Cultura Galega, 2005).

Country English name

Latin name


Description Distribution / Habitat

Situation de risk. Possible solutions

Culinary, medicinal and/or medicinal properties

Appearance in the Literature and Arts

Galicia (Spain)

Splachnum ampullaceum Moss. Largely sparsed in Europe, ony in the north of Spain... E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Zygodon conideus Moss.   E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Christella dentata

Perennial herbaceous, with creeping rhizome.  Fronds from 60 to 115 cm, hairy. Sheet pinnated; pinnae from 15 to 25 peers...

It appears in teh islands of Great Canary, Tenerife, The Gomera and the Palm (Macoronesic region)... LC Edible or alimentary uses.  Medicinal.  Toxic...  
Galicia (Spain)

Dryopteris aemula Perennial fern with an erect or ascending rhizome and fronds of to 60 cm of length.  The stalk, of the half of long to as long as leaves... In Azores, Madeira, Canaries, the NW and SW of France, NE of Turkey and areas the United Kingdom. In the Peninsula appears in relictus form in the Cantabrian coast... LC. It is a protected species, that appears in the Red List.    
Galicia (Spain)

Dryopteris guanchica Fronds arranged in dense clump, of (40 50-80 (140) cm of length; petiole 2/3-1/2 of the frond, thin, yellowish chestnut... Paleomediterranean relicto is present in some macaronesican islands, northwest and west of the Iberian Peninsula (Galicia and Portugal)... LC    
Galicia (Spain)

Culcita macrocarpa He is the most abundant of all the toads that live in Asturias. The pupil is vertical and the eardrum is practically invisible... It occupies an ample extension, that would include the palearctic zone, extending through all Europe until the Arctic Circle... NE    
Galicia (España)

Hymenophyllum wilsonii Helecho pequeño de tallo pequeño, muy fino y liso, con hojas tendidas formando un tapiz muy denso... Sobre rocas grandes básicas metamorfizadas y eclogitas del cauce de un río caudaloso todo el año en la Sierra de la Capelada. E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Isoetes longissimum Aquatic perennial plant that is developed submerged in channels of rivers. It displays lobulate and robust... The northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, being exclusively in Galicia... EN    
Galicia (Spain)


Leucanthemum vulgare The flowers have a central button of yellow color, surrounded with white petals... It is frequent in the fields... NE    
Galicia (Spain)

Pilularia globulifera Small aquatic plant that develops a filiform, crawling and very ramificated rhizome... The west of Europe. In the Iberian Peninsula the area of extension... EN    
Galicia (Spain)

Daffodil Jonquils

Narcissus Cyclamineus The daffodils are bulbous plants, with basal leaves and with thick stems, that have one or  several flowers.  The flowers possess six petaloid tepals... Pastures, margins of roads, in fresh and sombre zones... V07GA Pastures, margins of roads, in fresh and sombre zones...  
Galicia (Spain)

Herb of falling in love

Armeria humilis Plant of branched out stock, of adult with pulvinular aspect. Linear, ciliate, dimorphic leaves,  the external ones are flat, the internal narrower, grooved... Endemism in the massif  Xurés-Gerês (Spain - Portugal), with a nearby disjunction in the Serra Amarela (Portugal)... EN. Risk by the recent releesing of alochthonous goats instead of native subspecies. Endogamy. Forest fires.    
Galicia (Spain)

Armeria pubigera Perennial cesspitous herbaceous or subarbustiva plant. It has a woody little branched out stock and flowery stems... Widely  distributed by the north hemisphere and the southern end of South America. In Spain on the coast to the north of the river Duero... NT    
Galicia (Spain)

Herb of falling in love

Armeria maritima Perennial herbaceous. Form of compact small pillow. Height: 20-30 cm. The leaves are always with a green intense color,  they are very narrow and linear... Light: The full sun. Suitable plant for culturing in the Mediterranean basin in sandy areas, with very decorative elongated and narrow leaves. CR    
Galicia (Spain)

Armeria merinoi Vivacious plant of basal, linear or sublinear, flat leaves. Stems of 15-18 cm... Its populations turn out to be tied to the serpentinic outcrop of Serra do Careón, in Melide's  and Toques’ districts (A Corunna)... CR    
Galicia (Spain)

Armeria rothmaleri Perennial grass, with branched stock that manages to form bulky lawns. Lanceolate leaves -3 to 15 mm... Cracks of limy rocky places and lawns in landings, with something of soil and accumulation of organic matter... VU    
Galicia (Spain)

Gall oak

Quercus faginea Tree that can reach 20 meters in height, with a very rough greyish-brownish or brownish bark, with surperficial cracks... The Iberian Peninsula and north of Africa. Forming piornals in the altimountain zones over the level of the wood of oaks. LC    
Galicia (Spain)

Antirrhinum majus subsp. linkianum

Galicia (Spain)

Fan mussel

Atrina fragilis Mollusc bivalve ... From the British Islands to the Mediterranean Sea. LC Edible or alimentary uses.  Medicinal.  Toxic...  
Galicia (Spain)

Thorny red starfish

Echinaster sepositus Retzius Star of up to 25 cm of diameter, with a small disc, long arms and of cylindrical section, which it became slim towards the end... From the Atlantic French coast to the Mediterranean sea. In rocks, sand, up to 200 m of depth. LC    
Galicia (Spain)

Star of Honduras

Luidia ciliaris Species of leveled body, of to 60 cm of diameter and of reddish or orange coloured coloration by its aboral side.  Relatively small disk... Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.  In Calvín, J.C. et Al., 1989 and 1998 it is quoted in Island of the Friar. LC. Its presence in the bottoms of the regions is increasingly more scarce, what does it very vulnerable to the extraction in the networks of fishing...    
Galicia (Spain)

Ross Coral

Pentapora fascialis Erect, flat colonies, which reach 15 - 20 cm of height. They have leaves with zooids for both faces, strongly calcified and irregular... From W from the British Isles to the Mediterranean Sea. NE    
Galicia (Spain)

Bolma rugosa     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Eastonia rugosa     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Elona quimperiana     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

River mussel

Margaritifera margaritifera     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)


Austropotamobius pallipes     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Gomphus graslinii     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Macromia splendens     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Zerunthia rumina L.     E07GA    
Galicia (Spain)

Long-tailed salamander

Chioglossa lusitanica The salamander lon-tailed is an elegant slim animal with a very long body. Its previous and later extremities... There are quotes throughout the province of Asturias, and... it is present in Leon. It appears in  Galicia... LC. The main threats to the species are pollution of streams and the diversion of water for agricultural...


Galicia (Spain)

Common toad

Bufo bufo He is the most abundant of all the toads that live in Asturias. The pupil is vertical and the eardrum is practically invisible... It occupies an ample extension, that would include the palearctic zone, extending through all Europe until the Arctic Circle... LC    
Galicia (Spain) Chalcides bedriagai E07GA
Galicia (Spain) Dermochelys coriacea E07GA
Galicia (Spain) Emys orbicularis E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Anas crecca L. E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Aquila chrysaetos L. E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Botaurus stellaris L. E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Burhinus oedicnemus L. E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Emberiza choeniclus L subsp. lusitanica E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Gallinago gallinago E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Milvus milvus E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Numenius arquata E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Puffinus mauretanicus Lowe E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Tetrao urogallus sbsp. cantabricus Castroviejo E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Tetrax tetrax L. E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Uria aalge E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Vanellus vanellus E07GA    
Galicia (Spain) Ursus arctos L. E07GA    


Other species in risk of extinctino accoding the oficial list in Galicia are: Griffitsia opunitoides, Petalonia xosterifolia, Bactrospora carneopallida, Lecanographa dialeuca, Leptogium cochleatum, Pseudocyphellaria aurata, Callitriche palustris, Centaurea borjae, Chaetopogon fasciculatus, Crepis novoana, Cytisus insularis, Deschampsia setacea, Eleocharis parvula, Erodium maritimum, Eryngium duriaei subsp. juresianum, Eryngium viviparum, Euphorbia uliginosa, Genista ancistrocarpa, Hydrocharis morsu-ranae L.,  Iris boissieri, Leucanthemum gallaecicum, Limonium dodartii, Linaria polygalifolia, Linaria arenaria, Luronium natans, Nymphoides peltata, Omphalodes littoralis, Petrocoptis grandiflora, Rhamnus pumila, Rhynchospora fusca, Rhynchospora modesti-luennoi, Rumex rupestris, Santolina melidensis, Scurpus pangens, Serratula legionensis, Succisa pinnatifida.